Liz Arezina

Web Design


Side Hustle

In todays world, having a side hustle is a reality for many people and ecommerce SaaS company Volusion wanted to join the conversation. Looking to create meaningful long form content that both delighted and informed audiences, we created a micro-site that empowered people to feel like having a side hustle was attainable for them.

The campaign resulted in increased brand awareness and an increase of 10% to Volusion trial sign ups.  

Design Thinking

The goal for this microsite was to communicate to visitors feel that having a side hustle was a simple and attainable goal, and the visual design looks to mirror that intent. With that in mind we created a site that was as simple as possible and presented a large amount of information in a simple, cohesive way. Sections laid out to first inspire the viewer with artful photography and a section overview, then provide educational context around the subject, and finally activate users with tips and real world applications. Sections are differentiated by colors, but  we looked to maintain Volusion's bright personality in a more mature and muted way which helped the site to feel more trusted and authoritative.

Deliverables // web design, marketing campaign assets

live site



Category: website design

Client: Volusion, 2018

Role: visual design, photography, marketing creative strategy

Partners: Emilie Kopp, copywriter; Brad Bolander, dev; Benito Gallardo, deV; Mike Casebolt, wireframes


Marketing Campaign

With so many different ways to have a side hustle, we opted to assign personalities to each. Asking audiences which side hustle personality they were encouraged them to view the site with a personalized mindset, and to scroll through the entire experience.

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