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Inside Laughlin Constable

Agency Laughlin Constable is staffed with a merry band of hooligans who strive to take clients from Now to Next. For the 2016 launch of the company's Instagram, we wanted to bring that quirky voice to life and showcase what life and culture look like Inside LC.

My role in this project was to establish a visual look and feel that would both compliment the agency's new website as well as showcase the company's fun life and culture in it's own quirky way.

Design Thinking

After a brand new disruptively retro re-brand, Laughlin needed an instagram that was going to match. Using Nik Photo Filters, I created a recipe that would give our agency photos a decidedly vintage-in-a cool-way look. Laughlin Constable has been around since 1976 and we wanted that legacy to come through in the creative shop's social presence.  

Deliverables // visual strategy, social media assets


Category // social content

Client // Laughlin Constable 2016

Role // art direction, design, photography, 

Agency // Laughlin Constable

Partners // Nicole Jahns, copywriter; Katie Schlaikowski, social strategy; jesse eagan, video



visual strategy

Laughlin Constable is a traditional agency in a traditional ad-town (looking at you Chicago) and I wanted to bring some of that old school cool to life in their Instagram debut. Colorful and vintage looking, Laughlin's content is tied together around Laughlin's fun and spunky personality.


spotify album cover art

Each month an LC employee puts together a Spotify playlist centered around a theme for that month. Here's a couple of playlists compliments of yours truly. 

January theme: Get to Work // March theme: Who Run the World? (Girls)


LC Holiday Card 2017

We put the notebooks down and stepped away from the iMacs, to spend the day with our friends and family. You better be doing the same. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Blog Content



Quick little mugshots taken weekly giving audiences a tiny glimpse into the kind of employees work at Laughlin Constable.