Liz Arezina

Social Branding


What Does Breastfeeding Really Look Like?

Medela is the leading company in breastfeeding products, and strives to enhance mother and baby health through the life-giving benefits of human milk. Our social branding centered around the idea that each breastfeeding mom has a journey that is as unique as it is beautiful, but it's not easy. Our goal was to connect breastfeeding moms in this shared experience by creating authentic and relatable content to drive conversation. This facilitated a passionate community that both supports and celebrates each other.

The result was increased brand presence and social overall engagement across all channels.

Design Thinking

Medela's brand is rooted in authenticity, honesty, and the most realistic depiction of intimate powerful moments possible. Above all we wanted this brand to feel REAL, so we used hand-drawn illustrations, naturally lit photography, and handwritten typography. Everyone's breastfeeding journey is unique and we looked to mirror that with organic shapes, honest copy (some taken directly from our social comments), and a diverse representation of all the different ways to feed a precious child. 

Deliverables // social brand style guide, social assets


Category // branding, social content

Client // Medela, 2015

Role // concepting, design & illustration, photography

Agency // Laughlin Constable

Partners // Mikaela Balfany, copywriter; Brett Lakanen, CD