Liz Arezina

Campaign Branding


Expose Your Edge

Real Techniques is an industry leader in the beauty sphere and they wanted a digital campaign to launch a product line of makeup sponges. We identified that our audience was a pack of beauty gurus and connected with their desire to be trendsetters in both looks and the products they were using. With this mentality in mind, we created a bold, colorful campaign that showcased the sponges in artistic and disruptive ways along with a digital microsite to help audiences understand how to use the new product. 

The campaign was a success and resulted in over 11 million total impressions of Facebook, Twitter, and paid Instagram ads. Additionally, Real Techniques permanently adopted the photo style we set in this campaign to be used in their social channels moving forward.

Design Thinking

Almost all of the design elements in this campaign touch on the idea of facets, transformation, and being unique. Rooted in an ideology that makeup allows you to be anyone you want at any given moment, I created a campaign that was meant to visually nod to the many different facets of our beauty guru audience.

For a full write up of my creative process on this project, click here

Deliverables // social style guide, Social photography assets, web design


Category // branding, web design, social campaign, photography

Client // Real Techniques, 2017

Role // concepting, art direction, styling, visual design, photography

Agency // Laughlin Constable

Partners // Nicole Jahns, writer; Megan DeMeyer, writer; Jim McDonald, Some photography & lighting; jon laughlin, cd