Liz Arezina

Brand Identity



Lovenote is a lingerie brand targeted specifically at small breasted women. Seeking to share the journey of self-love, inspire others, foster community, and remind small-chested women that their natural bodies are beautiful, Lovenote is more than just a brand, it's a community. My goal as a designer was to appeal to women seeking to feel beautiful, womanly, and proud of the bodies they were naturally born with. 

Design Thinking

The Lovenote logo centers around the logotype and is designed to work at large and small sizes alike, as well as over images. Comprised of customized type, it's meant to be both feminine and bold. 

The mark depicts a stylized heart comma that matches the look and feel of the logotype. The idea of a comma after the wordmark plays homage to the idea of pausing to take time out of yourself, a subtle nod to self love.

Deliverables // brand identity package



Category: branding

Client: Lovenote Lingerie, 2018

Role: brand designer


Brand identity rationale

The Lovenote brand appeals to women seeking to feel beautiful, womanly, and proud of the bodies they were naturally born with. Its feminine, bold style reflects the empowering nature of the brand. Paired with a uniquely custom logo and a graphic pattern, the brand speaks to the story and values that make it so special.